The Mission of BHA is to create appropriately functional, formed, and detailed buildings, be it a house, church, or business, these three concepts guide my decisions:

Program: How well is the space being used? Utility is another way to say efficient. Every building should be efficient and enjoyable.

Purity of Form: How can this form be constructed in the best manner? Construction costs are often ignored in early planning. By simplifying volumes, the resulting building has an inherent self-explanatory understanding.

Detail: How does this building relate to an era passed or create a new style? The appropriate detailing elevates a design from production to custom. Researching the past, informs us of the right decisions to be made.

I have learned, as an architect, that the greatness of design in a historically accurate project comes from speaking the language of the time, not interpretation or invention without knowing the rules of a certain style of architecture. The small decisions can influence a building in an immeasurable manner. This artistry means knowing when a design is undercooked or overbearing, this balance sends a clearer message of the design intent.

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